Fat Verbier

With the 30cm that fell last week, and another 20cm this week, it now truly feels like winter in these Alps. I’ve waited to post more photos and stories since my last edit because of the polemic surrounding it. Though many of us were able to find great skiing on safe slopes, others were not so fortunate. But I do believe it’s important to continue showing how much great skiing can be done in deep snow on safe slopes. To immediately criticise those who have been in an avalanche, shows not only a complete lack of respect, but utter ignorance by those people judging a situation they know absolutely nothing about. As the great Paulo Coelho wrote:


Though the “tragic” accidents that happen daily on our Swiss roads are not even mentioned in my circles of attention, our “professional” media sources take great steps in their eager work to sell a few more “stories”.

If it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Stay safe and enjoy these great outdoors.

Here are few photos from a fine day in the hills back on January 12…

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