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Reading a book about avalanche safety gives one an awareness of the ever changing risk associated with skiing fresh powder. But actually putting that into practice while skiing off-piste with friends is another thing. My 1-3 day instructional courses will give freeriders/backcountry skiers the knowledge and practical tools to allow them to make educated decisions in choosing when to go or not to go and help you understand the latest techniques to increase your avalanche awareness. The course is based the new ISTA method, providing individuals with a whole new method of acquiring practical knowledge. Because of its universal language and standardised certification that will eventually be offered in most countries, ISTA provides its students with the opportunity to take courses in different areas of the world and to join a community of fellow enthusiasts. A team of over 40 experts, spanning 9 countries and 3 continents in the areas of education, sport psychology, transfer of knowledge, nutrition, meteorology, snow science, risk management and rescue methods, as well as mountain guides and ski instructors, were involved in the development of this unprecedented project. Unlike other avalanche education courses, this method is based on the ‘Before”, keeping us out of the “During” and “After”, where students are taught rescue techniques. We do touch on rescue techniques, but most of the education is on keeping out of an avalanche.

The Discovery module lasts one day, while the ST1 is during 2-3 days. If you would like to do only 1 day, the discovery is an intense intro to this method. If you have 2-3 days, I suggest taking the ST1. Upon completion of one of these courses, you are invited to join this growing community with added benefits, including reductions on enough gear, travel, and lift passes to recuperate most of the costs of the course.


Dates Winter 2024:

  • December 9-10, 2023
  • More courses will be added as demand requires. To request other dates, please contact me here or on Facebook or call +41 79 446 2289 and we can work together to form other groups.

Price: SFr. 490.00 for 2 the two days instruction and the ISTA 1 textbook (value 499.00)

Personal Equipment

  • randonĂ©e skis/board with skins
  • probe, shovel, beacon
  • food and drink
  • clothing adapted for winter touring

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  5. Matus Knoblich

    Hello Hans,

    As discussed a short while ago, I would like to take a full day avalanche course to learn how to use the equipment airbag, beacon, probe, shovel). I have been snowboarding for 5 years, characterize myself as intermediate, have done a fair bit of off-piste the last season. I am in verbier for the season and will be present from December 27 onward. As such, I would like to take an avalanche course sometime before the new year, preferably December 28 (as soon as possible once I’m back). My cell is 079-593-0383 and email is mr.matus@gmail.com. Please let me know when can work. I can possibly get 1-2 more people from my chalet to join me. Thank you.


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