Alpine Ski Mountaineering

The spring months of May and June offer perfect conditions to ski the high peaks of the Alps. Join me each spring in May and June, as we climb and descend many of the fine Alpine Peaks around the Swiss cantons of Valais and Bern and Chamonix, France. Emphasis is on the quality of the descent, choosing north faces for powder, and southern aspects for spring snow. Skiers should be able to climb 1000 meters in a day, and be comfortable with steep skiing. Previous technical skills are not necessarily required, though comfort in learning new skills on steep terrain will be appreciated. If you have never climbed before, you will learn about crampon use and belay techniques. If you have these skills already, we will push our trips to more technical and remote faces.

The cost is SFr.195.00 for some of the easier descents with a group of 3. Some of the equipment will be supplied, and some of it can be rented from one of the many sport shops in town. The Couloir Barbey on the East face of the Aiguille d’Argentiere and the Marinelli Couloir on the Monte Rosa, and the north faces of the Ober Gabelhorn and Lenzspitze are examples of some of the steeper descents.  Send me a note or call if you are interested in joining the fun!

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4 thoughts on “Alpine Ski Mountaineering

  1. FERNANDEZ Olivier

    Hans content de voir que vous êtes arrivés à ZERMATT, pour nous ce fût un beau voyage. J’ai vu les belles photos que tu as mis sur ton site, merci.
    Je vais t’envoyer les photos que j’ai dans mon ordinateur, j’espère que tout va bien. A chamonix, il neige encore mais je crois qu’à VERBIER c’est pareil. j’étais dans le Valais le week end dernier mais le temps n’était pas très beau.
    Au plaisir de se revoir et d’échanger ensemble.

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