Alpine Trilogy- Mt Blanc Matterhorn Eiger

Climbing the Matterhorn, Eiger, and Mont Blanc has become know as the Alpine Trilogy. These three mountains are the most popular peaks in the alps. As a result, they and see a lot of traffic. Climbing them in the off-season is a great way to enjoy these peaks. They each have their own style of climbing. The Mt Blanc is almost purely snow and ice. The Matterhorn and Eiger on the other hand, are almost purely rock. The most pleasant way to climb all three mountains is with a traverse. Conditions at the time and skills of individuals will dictate which routes we take.

The program is over 12 days and starts in Chamonix. We start with acclimatization climbs and training then climb the Mont Blanc. We then move to Zermatt and hike to the Hornli Hut. After climbing the Matterhorn, we move onto Grindelwald. We climb the Mittellegi Ridge and descend the south ridge to the Jungfraujoch where we take the train back to Grindelwald.

The price is 4980 with a guide client ratio of 1:2 for the first days in Chamonix. The Matterhorn and Eiger are climbed 1:1.

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