Off Piste Backcountry Skiing

Skiing away from the beaten track in Verbier is why many people come here in the first place. Verbier’s off-piste is well known, and with good reason. The topography around Verbier lends itself perfectly for day tours , leading from one valley to the next. With many hidden valleys laying in close proximity to the lifts and each other, skiers can link up several different descents in a day. The vast network of lifts means we can get quite far away, skiing and skinning alone into isolated valleys and back again to Verbier. And because Verbier is wedged between the main alpine ridge and the Rhone valley, skiers can quickly relocate to 3 very different climatic areas. Verbier itself, is in the Pennine Alps, with it’s relatively sunny climate. But just south of us, the Aosta Valley in Italy, lies only 45 minutes away, through the Saint Bernard tunnel. The climate is completely different. We could be skiing in 60cm of fresh snow there, while Verbier hasn’t seen snow in weeks. And vise versa of course! Or we could go North, to the opposite side of the Rhone valley to reach another climatically different area.

Ski Safari is an extension of Off-Piste skiing, roaming farther afield over the course of a few days. The months of February and March are ideal. Alpine Ski Mountaineering may be the ultimate in off-piste, as we ski late into the season at higher altitudes, staying in huts and possibly using crampons and ice axes to reach the top of high peaks.

Prices vary depending on group size and itinerary. Calculate SFr.145.00/day for a larger group. All of my trips rotate around you, the skier. Depending on your level, we concentrate not only on having a great day out together, but work on improving your skills, be it ski technique in changeable snow or evaluating the avalanche risk in the terrain we traverse.


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