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February’s Spring Weather- March’s WIntery Start

It has been absolutely gorgeous this whole past month of February. The corn snow of early February evolved from early winter, SE only aspects, to full-on, Spring-Time corn during the last 2 weeks of Feb. We skied real long runs into this lovely Val du Bagnes, off the Trient Glacier, and several trips onto Italian Corn. Powder was on the northern aspects, and spring snow on the southern. Winter came in March, with some really cold temps and strong north winds. But not much snow fell ’til yesterday. It looks like the months of good weather may yield to some weeks of wet weather. We shall see…

Taking up video, in the place of still photos, has put a wrinkle into my web updates. It’s time consuming stuff. But I’ve been editing some of the video of the past 2 months, and put some here now. They are longish cuts, having saved most scenes for the clients staring in them. But if you have the time, sit back and enjoy the ambiance. Contrary to what you may have heard about this season lately, skiing has been an absolute blast! And that, thanks to Mama Nature and the fun folks I have had the opportunity to ski with.

We spent a fine day at altitude one week ago, skiing through 35cm of fresh powder when Verbier got only 10cm…

Alpine Ski Movie

Kashmir’s film is a still a work in progress.
Gumarg Movie

Jonny Boy, Tim and Sean ripped it up during one of the Foehn events in January.
Loetschental Movie