Winter Wakeup

You know what’s it’s like, when something happens, or you’re with someone and you kind of… wakeup?

How long have we been skiing choice powder in these valleys around Verbier? Non-stop now, day after days, blending into one winter day, not enough time or energy left, at the end of the day, to post about it.

Then and I wakeup and see what you see, you show me, deep powder everywhere! Look around, thick coated chalets, boulders, slopes and lines, untracked thickness everywhere, away from others, just stillness and valley floors miles below, with more untracked 3D riding ahead. My super wide-bodied-127mm-under-foot K2 Dark Sides have been leading the way down the dark sides of mountains for days and days, so easy to turn, side-slip, fool around, hover over the thick coating, bumps and dips, pushing vertically into the 3D snow, simply to turn, fly and giggle.

Enjoy these photos from 2 sessions, as I try to give to you what I have myself been given. 🙂 And I’d love to hear your stories below, comment…

1 thought on “Winter Wakeup

  1. Kevin Tuck

    Awesome Awesome Awesome !!!

    Missing that good fluff really envious !

    Keep on turning & have some for me.

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