Downhill Day Around Verbier

New sensations, characteristic of skiing, are
dished out large in
freeride mountain
around these hills!

I have been dividing my time between climbing,
sailing and mountain biking these past few summers, showing people the wonders
of these Alps. As technology pushes the limits of compromise, so have the
trails, suitable for riding, morphed into the most fantastic summer playground
for biking. Verbier’s Bike
is slowly adding new trails. Many, specifically for the young and
insane all-out-downhiller.

But so many
of the single tracks, which seemed too steep years ago, are now open to the most
fantastic of sensations, offering rolling banked switch-backs, gnarly dark steep
rooted woods, alpine ridges with stunning views, and various modes of
transportation to link all these single tracks together for glorious multi-day
tours through France, Italy and Switzerland. If you have not checked this out,
hop on a fully suspended bike, such as the super Swiss Thomas Bikes, put on a bit of body
armor for the inevitable rakes over rough ground, and enjoy all the new terrain
which has now opened up.

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