last update: Monday, June 16, 2003

Ski mountaineering, or Randonée as is commonly referred to here in Europe, frees a skier from the well beaten path. We will ride the lifts (if there are any in the area) to a high point. Skiing away from the area usually gives us great skiing. When we've gone down as far as we like, we put on climbing skins to start our self powered ascent. The possibilities are endless, and the terrain varied. Depending on where we start from, we may climb a summit, traverse a pass, ski down a hidden valley, or even arrive at a hut in mid-Winter.

In the USA "out of bounds" refers to anything outside the ski area. You are generally forbidden to leave the ski area. Well lucky us, there ain't no such thing here! When you get to the top of the lift, you are free to go where you please. (This could change if enough of our jolly tourists sue Televerbier for damages they think Televerbier was responsible for- like breaking your leg in a avalanche you started due to our own actions.) It is advisable to be well versed in snow pack analysis, glacier travel, and just basic mountaineering skills. These skills are acquired through many years of experience. They are not acquired in a couple days after reading a book...

Mt.Lollitop March 2000

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