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Supreme Skiing

The skiing quite simply does not get much better. With 120cm of snow coating these Alps at 2500 meters, and 40cm in the valley floors, skiing is supreme. Aside from the weekends, one has the mountain to ones self.

The foehn, which blew all weekend, has ceased this morning in Verbier. That certainly changed the snow pack. It is now snowing lightly. The forecast is calling for variable weather this week with a bit more snow towards the end of the week. But more strong winds from the SW are forecasted. The ice is getting thick!

Halloween ski to Orsieres

We put in another day of ski touring before the Foehn melted too much snow at lower elevations. This time, a 3 hours tour into the Entremont Valley. It was so wintry near the col de Chargerat! Losing sight of the slopes in moments of white out and wind brought sensations of winter front and center.

The forecast is calling for Foehn the next few days. That should consolidate the snow pack. Hopefully Televerbier will notice the change in weather and update their site. A call to Verbier Sport Plus revealed an intention to open the last weekend of November. Ha!

Winter has arrived in Verbier

Though one never knows what the weather will be like in a few days, it was at least winter for us today. We skinned up to the Col de Marlene to find 45cm of fresh snow. It was a really fine walk into winter. Arriving at the top with a freshening SW wind, it truely felt cold and winter. And what a joy those first turns were. I asked myself how these skis were going to turn in the deep new snow. But as I glided away letting speed take hold, the Coombas knew, plunged down, arced left, then right, and layed down the first tracks of the new season.