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Early Winter in Verbier

Returning from South America and my trip to the Antarctic Peninsula, I was ready to enjoy a little downtime around the house. However, the weather had other plans as the snow came early this season, and I quickly found myself skinning up to the peaks behind my house and enjoying skiing incredible fresh powder. The temperatures were fluctuating wildly, as they do this time of season, giving us snow, then rain, then snow. Though this may be disappointing for some people, it’s actually a great foundation for our base of snow.I was fortunate enough to have the time to enjoy the fresh snow outside and the rainy days by staying indoors.

On December 6th, @gilleslekieur and I skinned to the top of Mont Fort and skied directly off the back of the summit in some of the most amazing conditions I’ve ever experienced back there. The snow was not so deep as to make us worry about getting knocked down by big slough slides. And with the fluctuating temperatures, the avalanche danger had come down to a level 2 out of 5. We were both on K2’s new Crescendo ski, with a massive 132mm under foot. Experiencing the sensation of boundless weightlessness as I let go of the ski at the end of each turn, soaring effortlessly into the next on this steep slope backside, was incredibly liberating.

Sharing this early, profound, and challenging skiing experience with a close friend and fellow guide brought immense satisfaction. Throughout the day, we exchanged smiles, fully aware of the exceptional nature of this shared adventure.

We ascended another 400 meters to reach the col above Fionnay and experienced a wild and wonderful ski down, watching the Ibex and Chamois scamper across the bare slopes above us.

Truly, it was a day to remember.