Powder in Verbier’s Hidden Forest

It’s a funny season this. A slow start when I think, that in good years, I could have skied deep powder for 2 months by now. But funny indeed when I think about all the wonderful skiing we have done whilst the media writes¬†we have no snow. Verbier is at 90% average snowfall at this point in the season. Everything is relative. So while we are used to deep powder runs of over 1500 meters on a daily basis, now we “only” get 1000. Bummer! ūüėČ

average snow hight

90% of normal snow hight today in Verbier

We have not been confronted with a massive high pressure system this early winter. Low pressure systems have swept over us on a regular basis. Conditions change rapidly as temperatures fluctuate wildly, winds blow 20cm snowfalls into 50cm cavities¬†in the couloirs, making for exciting zone¬†and scene¬†choices each morning. Sometimes the weather forecast helps, but mostly I feel like I’m flying by the seat of my pants and point my browser to current conditions rather than forecasted ones.

If you’re following local politics, you may have heard about¬†the new laws prohibiting¬†professional ski instructors to take their clients into some of the Verbier classics like the Attelas couloirs, the lovely NW¬†face of Mt.Gele and Back Side. Due to their lack of training in avalanche and glaciated terrain, they are restricted to slopes below 29 degrees when the forecasted risk level is at 3 (most of the winter when powder is everywhere) and any glaciers (our Heliskiing terrain). In addition to¬†being a professional,¬†Swiss trained mountain guide, I’m also a certified Swiss ski instructor and love to help you improve your technique. Since I wear both hats, I can take you into these classics, plus lots more! And using¬†years of proven¬†techniques,¬†I help you¬†appreciate the joys of movement over these creamy hills, couloirs and faces in and around Verbier.

Here’re¬†a few shots of the past few days showing those rapidly changing conditions. Have a fine day outside!

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