Early Bruson

More snow over the past couple of weeks and beautiful weather forecasted for this week has created ideal conditions again for ski touring around Verbier, Bagnes, and neighboring valleys.  The Cold North wind has come up, but doesn’t seem to be getting into our mid-elevations. It was a cool one for Fi and I, as we headed across the valley to Bruson in search of sun, snow and shelter from the wind. Tele Verbier opens week days too from this weekend. There will be lots more touring from the lifts, and with the additional snow in the forecast for next week, maybe even some face shots! Have a look at my Events Page and please join the fun in early December if you can!

Here are few shots taken with my trusty iPhone yesterday. Kinda cool how I navigate, asses avalanche risk, social ize, plan, weather forecast, and a whole lot more, even make calls! But I do wish I’d taken my real camera!!!

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