Introduction to Rock Climbing and Multi-Pitch Climbing

Learning the basics of rock climbing, from foot placement to the dynamics of the entire belaying system, is an ongoing apprenticeship. Through constant awareness of how I place my feet, whether on an easy trail or vertical cliff, I continually enhance my contact with the earth’s surface. Sharing this with others, we gain insight to our contact with the rock. Our fear of falling/failing ebbs and flows as we learn new techniques.

Alex and Will were eager learners, able to quickly pick-up new techniques of balance on this vertical plane. Though they have climbed indoors on plastic, they found this natural rock a new challenge. We spent our first day at Saleinaz, with them lead climbing on their first pitches of rock. We then spent a second day together on Kalinka, a fun multi-pitch climb in the valley below Verbier.

The Verbier Music Festival is in full swing. What a privilege it is to wander into many of the free master classes and concerts during the day and enjoy outstanding classical music!

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