Another day

Yesterday, was another fine day in the mountains, shared with fine folks who appreciate what these hills have to offer. Looking at the weather forecast these past few days, drove me to believe the worst. We flew to the Petit Combin from the cow turd fields of Le Chable in milky light, forecasted to get milkier. The flight up in this amazing, mechanical bird was so fine, Vincent at the controls, giving me THE bird’s eye view I needed to pick our line down. With Chris and Fi in the back, I  really wanted it to be perfect. Conditions were tricky with the fresh powder from last week still not transformed on hot slopes. I knew from the past few days that north and north east slopes still held good powder. But the moment one skied into the southern sectors, even slightly north west, the heat from these past few days had transformed that snow to a crusty, nasty, ski grabbing entity.

I felt my tension evaporate as we skied the first slopes, put on climbing skins, skied more fine powder, then skinned again to reach another col at 3000 meters. As the snow flakes began to fall, we flew into the Val du Bagnes, down a broad couloir, leading to another couloir within that couloir, narrowing down to one of the finest descents there are into our little Swiss valley. Have a look at the photos. I hope I can take you there from wherever you are…

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