Skiing with Chris

I’m kinda at a loss for words at this point. The days are blending into a (very) cold smoothy, filled with wild fruit and adventures. Skiing off piste with Chris these past two days heightened my being on these slopes, who chose on day one to ski from Bruson, all the way to the Val Ferret, then through herds of Ibex and Chamois on day two. I’m glad I took these photos to share with us and keep these mind’s images alive…

The Avi danger is down to level 2. There really are no bad layers in the snow pack to speak of. The warm ground is our only concern now. These creep and glide avalanches can go at any time of the day and night. And since the whole snow pack slides, it is very impressionable. Swiss Meteo is forecasting temperatures to drop even  more by Saturday. Expect temperatures to go below -25 @ 3000 meters with NE winds blowing at 55km/hr. Get those mittens ready!

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About Hans Solmssen

I am a professional mountain guide living in Verbier, Switzerland. I grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii after my father moved to Hawaii to teach at Hawaii Preparatory Academy. He created a horse program at this high school, located in the middle of the largest, privately owned cattle ranch in the US. Horses were a major part of my life, even playing polo for a few years. I moved to northern Vermont to go to school, and discovered skiing. Little did I know, this would become my life's passion: guiding friends and clients over the mountains around the world on skis and foot. I moved to Verbier, Switzerland in 1982, and entered the Swiss guide's program in '88. I received my UIAGM "pin" 3 years later in 1991. I have two kids, Anya and Kevin.

2 thoughts on “Skiing with Chris

  1. Hans

    Hi Kevin. Thanks for your nice words. It would be great to ski together. I have a few days left later in the season so we can try to find a day that works for us.

    Aloha, Hans

  2. Kevin Connors

    Hans, I have a place in Verbier. I come every weekend, at least. Do you have any free days this season? If not, then let’s try for 2013 … Keep on skiing and reporting on that GREAT POWDER in the Valais for us … KC

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