Antarctica Ski Touring

We have just had two wonderful days, ski touring and filming on the Antarctica Peninsula. It was just mind boggling, as we skimmed over the ocean surface in our zodiac to our landing site. There was so much to take in, I didn’t know in which direction to point my camera. We have been working hard, getting footage for the film crew. As a result, I have not been able to get many wildlife photos. Hopefully later in the week.

The ship we are on, Clipper Adventure, and her crew, could not be better. We are in the lap of luxury as we weave our way through the islands of the Peninsula. It is just so surreal, dining on yummy food while watching glaciers and outrageous ski mountaineering sites glide by in front of you. This place is HUGE, with enough touring potential to last a few life times! Doug said Greenland was like Alaska on steroids. Well Antarctica is like Greenland on steroids. Travel on the glaciers is like any other, except the ice is 5 times thinker than that of Greenland.

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