Pure Verbier Off-Piste

Today was perhaps a-wee-bit-more than supremely fun in Verbier. With 45cm over the past 2 days, the pure Verbier off-piste was supreme! There was no wind with the 35cm of last night which meant we could jump upon the steeps with the security of slough slides all around. What FUN!

Pelle and Bobby were laughing and giggling the whole day, pushing the skis into the snow in search of that rebound feeling and float. The funnest was perhaps traversing to Col de La Mouche in slightly tracked snow getting big air off the big bumps and landing in the deep snow.


The forecast is for another blue bird day tomorrow and Thursday then another front to move in Thursday night. Yah Mon!

Watch the avalanche danger increase tomorrow as this fresh snow consolidates and creates the possibility of slab avalanches. Bonding with the older layers will be slow since the cold weather of the past three weeks created lots of faceted snow crystals.

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