Christmas Update

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

All that deep powder has compressed into an
excellent medium to ski through. Those layers close to the surface are beginning
to degrade with the very cold temperatures at present. “Constructive
Metamorphism” is the term used to describe the growth of these crystals into
facets as the moisture moves from the snow to the atmosphere. Watch out for the
next snow fall, as this surface will provide a fantastic surface for avalanches
to run on!

A deep base layer, at
altitudes down to 1000 meters, is permitting supreme off piste skiing in these
Alps. Yesterday, we skied into the Val d’Heremence from a steep Mt.Fort couloir,
an itinerary not normally in such fine shape until late January. Skiing the
“Quatres Valleys” on the way home, we saw only a handful of people. What

The forecast is for this fine
weather to continue, with milder temperatures at altitude. Sunday will see some
high cloud cover. And it looks like snow is on the horizon for late next

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