Summer Fun

It has been a fun summer, full of ups and

The weather has been full of changes so far this
season. With a super fine April, one had to wonder what summer would bring. We
have had periods of real nice sun and warmth. But if you were a bit unlucky, you
saw lots of cold and snow in the mid to high

Conditions are fine at the
moment. With the regular passage of active cold fronts, snow has accumulated on
the high glaciers, offering good ground to many of the approaches. The weather
for next few days will be perfect. Then we will see another cold front by
mid-week. But that’s about par for the course this

I have been climbing and
sailing, taking advantage of the wind as the fronts move through. Lake Geneva
has proved on many occasions that she can offer beautiful yet challenging
sailing for those who want it. With festivals like the Montreaux Jazz and Paleo
on the Swiss side complimenting the relaxed French side of the lake, we have
discovered how much fun sailing close to home can

I have added a link to ABS on the
left side of the site. Skiing with this life saving device for the past 3
seasons makes me wonder why more manufactures and free-riders have not picked up
on it. The main stumbling block has been its weight, which is now low, and
price, which is still high. But hey, I’m worth it! 🙂

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