Bec d’Epicoune- A Himalayan experience out my back door

We headed to the end of our Val duBagnes for a bit of Autumn climbing, and got a real nice Himalayan experience. This area is so wild and beautiful. There are so few visitors here, that you get the feeling you are far from civilization. The glaciers are big, and the North walls were rimmed with snow from the past week’s storm. Cramponing on the lower glaciers was on perfect, frozen snow. High up, we had the ambiance of a mid-winter climb. Temperatures were real mild, so we were able to go light and stay warm. The Foehn is with us now. 0 degrees is at 4000 meters! Climbing on the North Face of the Pierre Avoi yesterday was warm and comfortable in a t-shirt! This fine weather will deteriorate over the weekend, bringing us rain for most of next week. Temperatures will drop 9 degrees.

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