Indian Summer is Over

Eeeks! It has been a while since I wrote! The
rock was excellent, and the ice is coming along. (photos

The peaks and cliffs all over the Alps were in
superb shape this October and November. What a glorious time it was to be in the
hills. I took the camera here and there, with mixed results. What a joy it is to
be climbing hot rock this time of year. And it’s just around the

But now it’s -10C outside, and
I’m happy for the big pile of wood outside my door. The ice is coming into
shape, though rather slowly. It is so dry that there is very little water

TeleVerbier opened Friday.
There’s not much snow up there, but they have done a good job of making snow. It
was already possible to ski down to Ruinettes. What a blast that was to get on
the board and arc some turns on

The forecast is calling for
variable weather the next few days. It should warm slightly by the end of the
week, even giving us an episode of Foehn.

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