ABS Avalanche Bag Backpack

ABS Avalanche Backpacks really will save your

I describe these backpacks as self rescue. It
amazes me that companies are spending so much time and money developing
avalanche transceiver beacons and have not picked up where ABS left

These backpacks contain 2 deflated
balloons which will inflate when user triggered. They will bring you to the
surface of an avalanche you are caught in. There is enough statistical evidence
now to show that they will save your life 99% of the time. This is great news
for those of us skiing powder and constantly at risk of being buried by a

For the winter of 2007/2008, the
ABS range has added a “Vario” model which enables a user to zip on 3 different
size bags over the base system. This means one can keep the expensive base unit
and add different modules to suit different outings. The sizes are 10, 30 and 50

The size ratings are really
conservative though. I will be skiing with the 10 liter module, which is closer
to 25 liters. In this bag, I will be able to carry a glacier kit (rope,
binners, screws, crampons, axe) on top of the usual fare- medical and repair
kit, water, extra layers, skins and food. It weighs only slightly more than the
“Freeride”, which is a superb bag for off piste skiing around the

Jean-Michel Schmetz is the dude
responsible for this new breath of fresh air in the ABS line. His site give lots
of info on the system. Check it

I have bags to supply
clients who have not yet invested in the system. And as a result, I am selling
last year’s models at reduced rates. Send me a note if
you would like to pick up one of these models at less than half price. We stock
the Vario and Freeride in the Rock Shop

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