Current Conditions

Skiing is as good as it gets.

After over a meter of fresh snow fell last week, we
have been skiing anywhere and everywhere. It has been so dry for over a year, it
is a pleasure to see the streams running, and ice oozing out of the

We have been skiing all the
classic runs. The backside of Mt.Fort to Cleuson, the front side to Le Chable,
Sembrencher, Orsieres, Champs Ferret, etc. I haven’t even skied Tortin and
Gentianes in days!!! The avalanche danger is hidden deep in the snow pack. As a
result, off-piste routes have been slow to get tracked. There are still so many
of the classic runs that have yet to be skied. (I have not stopped to take many
photos, but here
are 5.)

It snowed another 15cm last
night, and after a brief lull, next week should see a series of lows bring more
snow to these Alps. The avalanche danger will remain at level 3, I expect. At
present, the new layers have bonded very well at average elevations. There is a
rain crust from 1100 meters on down, and the steeper, southerly slopes, also
have a sun crust. The Northern aspects still have quality powder, but those
steep pockets of snow, which have not yet been purged of the ugly facets, are
deep slab avalanches, waiting to be triggered. Stay safe and smile!

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